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Saving edited images


Hi everyone! I'm the brand new owner of a Canon 90D. I love the image quality I'm getting so far, but I'm having a few problems with editing- if, after copying files from the SD card to computer storage, I try to edit too many at a clip, they won't all save. I'm able to get them all done by editing/saving in batches (and I never delete the original images off the card before they're all saved, or try to edit them on the card- learned that the hard way!), but I'm wondering if this has to do with the size of the files- previously, the cameras I used produced files that were a third the size this beast makes. Is there anything I should be doing to be able to save the files with more ease?



I'm not sure what you mean by "edit too many at a clip, they won't all save".


Also, so as to help you out better, what software are you using to do the editing?


Having said that, here is my personal workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop.


  • Images (RAW and JPEG) imported via Lightroom from the camera's media to my data RAID (RAID 10).
  • Most edits performed in Lightroom which autosaves your changes as you apply them.  It also keeps the original images unmodified.
  • For more complex projects, I edit in Photoshop which then adds a copy to the Lightroom catalog.
  • Time Machine (macOS) used to perform backups to a second RAID (RAID 1).

As new cameras come out with more and more megapixels, or if you shoot in RAW (highly recommended), more data is needed to store each image.


What type of storage do you have on your computer?


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Hey there- problem is computer will stop saving editing images if I try to do too many at once- if I save in batches, it's okay. Computer is new and has 280 GB of space left. I am wondering if the ancient Microsoft 10 I'm using to edit might be the issue.

You have a 90D. It is a very powerful camera. It really needs a better editing software than (I am guessing) Windows Photo.

I suggest you download and try the free Canon software Digital Photo Professional from the Canon support site.

And, as I described above, treat the download process and editing process separately.

Also, set the camera to shoot RAW.
John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Thank you! Yeah, I'm really just feeling my way around this beast- I got my last DSLR in 2008 and it's a whole new world now.