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Rotation for video when shooting and software for creating MP4's


I have a T5i. I'm a musician and using the T5i for demo videos. For some of the videos, we rotate the camera 90* for a taller shoot. When I play the video on my laptop, the video plays back rotated 90*. Is there a setting on the T5i, when rotaring the it 90*,  to ensure the video will playback correctly?


Another issue I'm having is translating videos from the MOV format to MP4. I didn't think about it when I bought T5i, but I was surprised to find out the video has only one format. I have a droid  tablet which does not support MOV. I tried hand break and have to put a little more into it because I may not have given it enough of a chance but I had some issues with it and wasn't in the mood to deal with it. Any suggestions for software would be appreciated. I don't mind spending some money on it as long as it's going to do what I want it to do which is mainly translating MOV's to MP4.





Uh oh... first, watch this important public service announcment:


To fix it, there are a number of programs that can rotate the video.  I'm not a Windows user, but I hear that Windows Movie Maker can rotate it or a program named VirtualDub (VirtualDub is open-source).



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Thanks, I'm in movie maker now processing the first vdeo. Noticed some other features I'll be able to use to give my videos a profesional look. And I had it the whole time! 🙂