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Refurbished t5i E 60 error, freezes up and won't turn off?


My refurbished t5i arrived yesterday. Within a few minutes of getting everything put together, after I turned the camera on, it shut off and had an "err 60" message. I removed the battery, then put it back in. It worked for a little while, but the camera still locks up randomly.


If I'm recording a video, the buttons will sometimes become completely unresponsive and the manual focus stops working; I'm not even able to stop recording, and the off switch doesn't do anything, so I have to remove the battery again. I'm super bummed, I was really excited to check out the video quality.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, how do you fix it? I heard the t4i had the same issue, which was resolved by a firmware update. 



Err 60


An error occurred preventing shooting, the lens movement may be obstructed.


  1. Check that the lens is clear from obstructions.
  2. Turn the power switch off and then on again.

If the above solution has not resolved your error, please contact your nearest Canon authorised service facility using the link at the top of the page.


Since its brand new to you I would send it back to Canon. It has a one year warranty. (I am assuming its a Canon refurb).

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic
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