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Recording images in manual



I have relied on Canon Cameras to be the work horses of my hobby. After several years of owning nothing BUT Canon,

I have come upon an issue that I cannot fix. Im sure it must be simple but I need some help.

I am not able to record images in any manual modes, but it will in auto. Im sure it must be a setting somewhere I am missing, but not ever having this issue I do not know. And being self taught I am more a beginner than ever!

I have the issue with my EOS 40 D .. I have in the past been shooting in the live view mode, and I don't know if I have messed something up using that or not. Any help will be most appreciated. Thanks!



You haven't said what it does record so I'm guessing you have the wrong combo of Tv & Av for a decent exposure. If you have overexposed you get a white frame & if you under expose it will be a black frame. You need to use the built in light meter reading to set your Tv & Av for a correct exposure. NO GUESSING on settings.

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Help someone to help you.  Try to provide enough detailed information for someone to try to reproduce your issue, or at least understand what exactly you're experiencing.


When you say that you are "unable to record" images, do you mean that the shutter operates, but no images are saved in the camera?  Is it saving images that are complete blank/black, or no image files are saved at all?


Exactly which modes does it "record" images, and which modes does it not?  What camera settings are you using in the creative modes, or manual modes, when it does not work?  Can you post a recent image taken after the problem surfaced?  If the camera is recording blank//black images in manual, can you post one of those, too?

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"And being self taught I am more a beginner than ever!"


You have some setting(s) wrong.  Do you understand the relationship of the aperture, the shutter and the ISO?

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