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Recommendation for mirrorless camera for beginner


What’s up everyone! I have been using my phone and various iOS apps to emulate cameras or edit and create my own coverart and videos for my music. Now I am thinking about upgrading to my first dslr camera to upgrade the quality. Lens would be sick, but at the moment I am not sure what i may want. (Be sick to capture night time or the moon) What mirrorless body would you recommend?



What is your budget to spend on a camera. What features do you need in a camera. Also what is the primary use for this camera.


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Moon images would really require a super telephoto lens which can be costly and perhaps niche depending upon what other genres you want to pursue.

Sounds like you would get more out of a basic kit which would help you with your video work. Take a look at the EOS R 50 creator kit. Depending upon your budget, perhaps look at the EOS R10 or R7. 


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