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REBEL T3 Is 250$ More Expensive Than 1100D. Huh?

New Contributor

Hi, I know I'm new here. But I really need your help.. I'm tricked, I bought a camera 200$ more expensive. That is a lot. 680$ for Canon 1100D without the official warranty ? That's cruel. IMO


I would like to ask some questions. I want to buy a camera in a famous electronics centre in my city. I went to a shop recommended by my friend. She bought Rebel T3 / Canon Kiss X50 there for almost 700$ but she traded off her old camera so she got it for around 680$ (plus macro lense). And without any further thoughts I bought it, too. Can't blame her. I'm the one who decided to buy it too, though.

Meanwhile, 1100D (the officially distributed model for my country, Indonesia) is only around 485$ here http://


My question is, was she being fooled / tricked ? I mean, I have done researches all over the internet yet I can't seem to find anything that differs 1100D and Rebel T3 or Kiss X50.

The seller insisted that their sensors are different. The Kiss X50 / Rebel T3 one has a better one, he even insisted that if we break it down we'd be able to see that it's different


I also bought it because he said the Rebel T3 one has international warranty, which could be used in Malaysia (I'm going to use the camera there)

Hell, even Canon Indonesia's official site didn't recognize my serial number......




My question is : 

1. Is it possible that Rebel T3 or Kiss X50 has the upgraded version, which sensor is way better (imo. seriously, 200-250$ more expensive only for a sensor?) than the ordinary Rebel T3 / Kiss X50 ? Than the ordinary 1100D ?

2. Is it possible that Canon Rebel T3 has an international warranty version ? Strange. Rebel T3, as far as i'm concerned, is only the different name for 1100D distributed in USA. How come it has international warranty that could be used in Asia ? Malaysia, to be precise. Even it has one, I really would like to know how to check it.

3. If we break it down (the ordinary 1100D and my "special" Rebel T3") and if what he says is true, can I tell the difference just by looking at the sensors ? If the answer is yes, I'll come to that store next week. I'll ask him to break them down in front of me. You're screwed, man. You tricked the wrong guy Smiley Sad



Thank you very much for your attention. I know it's a long thread, I just want to make everything details so that you guys could know the situation very well. I really appreciate it if you'd like to give me the answers

Answers provided with official statement or links are even more appreciated. Couldn't appreciate it more, actually. Thanks guys, have a nice day ! 🙂




Hi regannism!
Welcome to The Canon Forums, and thank you for your inquiry! We appreciate your participation, however we need to let you know that our Support Team at Canon USA doesn't have any information on the other products you're asking about. The Canon Forum is hosted and moderated within the United States by Canon USA. We are only able to provide support for Canon products manufactured for the US market. If you live outside the United States, please click here and select your country or region for your support needs. Feel free to discuss Canon products sold outside of the United States, but please be aware that you will not receive support directly from Canon USA.


For product information on the EOS Rebel T3 as sold in the US, you can CLICK HERE.

Okay, then. I understand, my bad for asking about other products 😞

But imo my question about the upgraded version of Rebel T3 (with the 200$ worth "super" sensor) could be solved here, considering this Rebel T3 is the official model for U.S. consumers 🙂 I'm quiet desperate until I ask this question here, to be honest. I can't go to the store protesting the seller just using yahoo answers' threads as the proof..

Reputable Contributor
The EOS Rebel T3, EOS Kiss X50, and EOS 1100D is one and the same camera. It's just the name different. I wish that Canon will use same name for all of their products but it is not the case.
Rebel T3 is used in North America.
EOS 1100D is used in Europe and Asia
Kiss X50 is used in Japan
In short, you have been tricked into buying the same camera for different price. I hope you can return it or get some $ back. Good luck.
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