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R8 overheating


My new R8 starts to overheat when using it in warm to hot temperatures.  I am not using the video setting at all just still photos.  The temperature gauge starts to show up in the view finder after a short bit of time and once or twice it went all the way into the red zone.  Once I was out in about 90+ degrees and today was out in 80's, very sunny and some humidity but has happened a few times.  I am starting to worry that this will become a very big problem and altho I have heard this could happen when using the video I have not seen any information on this when just shooting photos.  Is this normal?(altho should def NOT be normal!) but suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!


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The manual seems to suggest that extended live view shooting can cause overheating.


What’s the difference between shooting in Live View and recording video with an MILC body?  There isn’t that much of a difference as far as the electronics are concerned.  The image sensor is constantly powered up, which can produce significant heat. 

How well protected is the camera from direct sunlight?  Is the camera sitting on a tripod in the direct sun while it is powered up?

Is the camera allowed to shut-off its rear display between shots?  Do you allow the camera to cool itself off?

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I would imagine that there would be some more heat generated during video recording than in live view shooting, due to the memory card being written to constantly. 


Was using Live View but not consistently and yes, turned it off when not using.  Just seems to come on very quickly when hot outside.  Was out in the desert a few weeks ago after just getting this camera and went into the red zone pretty quickly.  I heard of the over heating issue but was pretty surprised to see this as not shooting video but yes, utilizing live view here and there.  Very upsetting as I am really enjoying this camera as my first foray into mirrorless.  I will be mindful of this issue and hopefully not have any serious issues with it.  Thank you to all who took the time to answer my novice question!

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What do you have the camera sleep time set to? Have you tried making that time shorter? 

Just looked and yup, was staying on a bit long so I shortened it.  Thank you so much for the suggestion!

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You're welcome, I hope it works out for you.


I have to ask the question... is it written on the box that it will overheat when it is used for basic functions that Canon says it can do? Does say on the spec sheet: 4k but... it'll overheat in 15 minutes? What does it actually say?


This is something I'd pay close attention to.  Especially with a new camera.  Sun exposure as Waddizzle mentions is absolutely something which can contribute to heat generation, as does extended video shooting.  For still images, I've never had a heat issue.  My 6D2 visited Montana in summer and the desert in Palm Springs.  The R5 C has a fan so it's not a good candidate for comparison.  I would not expect a camera to overheat in 90* weather unless it was stationary in direct sun.  The R8 is fairly compact.  I've not held one so it might be possible but should only occur rarely if ever.  

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