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R7 camera - Overheating and Locking Up


I bought an R7, thinking it was going to be a good camera.  I love the speed, which is shoots, and is the reason I bought the camera.  My camera is now being sent into the Cannon repair company for the 3rd time.  Not sure what is going on with the camera.  In Auto mode, it will freeze up, lock up, I will receive error messages.  I have to shut off the camera, pull the battery out, and mess around with it for 10 min, or long, for the camera to reset- then, sometimes I will work for a few min. or a few days, and it will act up again.  I have looked on line and I have notices other people having the same issue with the R7.  Is there an issue with the R7?  I have had the camera indoors and outdoors, bright light and low light, it will lock up.  The last time, this happened, was on Sept. 30th and again on Oct. 6th.  Both time, indoors, the camera locked up, would not auto focus  The manual setting worked fine.  But the Auto setting was all jacked.  The 3rd time, to the repair shop.  The last time, I got told the cannon repair put in " new inside".  That was 2-3 months ago.  Did I buy a very expensive LEMON?  Is there a flaw with the R7? 

I have an R6, which I take to fashion shows.  The R6, after some heavy shooting, will start to have focus issues.  I will not auto focus, it will zoom in and out, it will " blow out" many photos, over expose and just blow them out.  This has happened over and over.  The R5 is better, but the R5 and R7 will have focus issues while working fashion shows, the Joust at the Ren. Fest and other heavy shooting events.  Is there an issue with the R series cameras?




Seems odd that every single one of your cameras is having an issue.  Abnormal performance freezing, lockups, becoming unresponsive, etc.

What was the outcome the first two times the R7 went to Canon support for inspection or repair?

Are you using any type of accessories?  Are you using Canon lenses or adapted EF lenses? And are they Canon or third party?

Are the batteries you are using Canon brand?  

Lastly, are you using full-size memory cards or micro SDs with an adapter?

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I am using the battery - style, that came with the camera.  I have moved up to the extended life battery with the R7.  The high speed shooting eats up the batteries.

I have been shooting with the San Disk 512gb - extreme pro - 200mb XC1 card with the R7.  I have used the XCII cards, which are a faster upload, however, on RAW I did not see much of a difference and the price doubles.

Lenses - I use Canon R lenses.  On the R6, at a fashion show, it will start out fine.  Then, it will not want to auto focus, it will zoom in-out, not lock on.  It will start to blow out images in the view finder.  I will move over the the R-5, or my good old stand by- 90D- which will work fine, but does not shoot as fast.

On the R7- I receive a lot of - error messages, shutter messages.  A code for shutter malfunction.  It will just freeze up, the image will lock up.  On Sept. 30th and on Oct. 6th, I was inside rooms.  The camera acted like I was out on a dark night, in Auto mode.  It will not foucus, not take a photo and then lock up.  I had the same issue, indoors, while at a fashion show- shooting indoors and again, when I went out side to take photos at night.  I have seen other posts with people having the same issues.  The camera shop said they had an R6 rental and the person renting the camera had issues with the R6 and it locking up.

The R7 issues are in Auto Mode, the manual mode seems to work fine.  However, I bought the camera for the speed and the mirrorloess 90D options. 

You say "I am using the battery - style, that came with the camera."  I am somewhat confused by that... Are you saying you are using genuine Canon batteries, or from others sources, but of a similar type please?

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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I agree with Rick.  It is unusual for just one camera to lock up and freeze.  For it to happen to multiple cameras owned by a single person is beyond odd.  There is something in common that is affecting all of your cameras.  Only two things come to mind right away.

I suspect your issues can all be traced to your choice of memory cards.  R series cameras need the full size, SDXC UHS-II memory cards.  

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Could the OP be using a faulty lens on different bodies. That's causing this problem on all of their camera bodies. Or a faulty battery because all of the cameras they're using use the same LP-E6 series battery. I once had a problem with 2 of my cameras locking up. But that was due to a faulty lens. But I do agree with both you and Rick. It unusual to have problems with multiple cameras.


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It could a lens.  I have not read through all the replies to see if the issue is limited to one lens, or any lens.

Another reason the cameras could be locking is Bluetooth and wireless communication is enabled.  If an active Bluetooth device comes within range, then cameras can go into a pairing mode, which can seem like the camera has locked up.  

I have seen someone’s own smartphone in their pocket cause that to happen.  The camera pairs up with the phone, and now all control is through the phone still sitting their pocket.  Meanwhile, the camera seems dead.

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Is it possible you are overheating your camera?

10 minutes for a camera to reset seems like a long time. It almost sounds like the camera is taking the time to cool down.

Steve Thomas


I have to agree with the others. It sure sounds like something you are doing and not camera related. The over heating mentioned above sounds like a place to look. If they are not Canon brand batteries trash them. Use only Canon brand accessories until this is sorted.

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