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R7 Autofocus Issues - only for birds? Will there be a fix?


Brent Hall and many other birders have reported as low as 20% keeper rates with bird eye tracking due to focus issues with the EOS R7. This worries me - I am considering getting the R7 but would need to know if there will be a fix. I don't take pictures of birds, just people, and I'm attracted to the wonderful R7 sensor with its high resolution in lines per mm.



Most of the YouTubers reporting autofocusing issues are quacks, IMHO.  They are textbook examples of bad science on display.  They typically try to focus on subjects that simply too far away.  Or, they will try to focus on something that is too close to the lens.

Wildlife Photography With The R7: Am I Pushing This Camera Too Hard? 

He is shooting handheld with an 800mm lens using a crop sensor body, which is in crop mode.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thanks. I think you may well be right. I'll be keeping the R6 for now. Loving what I get with the R6, EF 24-105L, and 135/2L. I had some experiences shooting APS-C for school classrooms, events, etc., and am constantly evaluating what will serve best. Loved the simplicity of working with a smaller camera (Fuji X-T20) and how beautifully the pictures converted to bw for books. But overall, the R6 is a force to be reckoned with - wonderful image quality, tremendous AF - and it can become a simple camera for times when I want it to pretty much get out of the way.