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R6ii - Animal Eye Focus Problems with Dogs (noses)


Hey folks! I'm having a hell of a time getting my R6ii to focus on many dogs eyes, instead of their prominent noses. Are there some tricks I'm missing? I've tried pretty much every AF setting, and nothing changes. If the dog has a big black nose, and a bushy or extra fluffy face, it's will never hit focus right. This renders action shots almost pointless which is a real shame, and portrait shots on the fly as well. Doesn't matter the lens either. All the same. Thanks! 

Here is an example. Focus is on the nose.

Here is a shot where the dog has a little less hair on the face (same dog) and it locked perfectly.



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi BigBabyMoses06, 

The subject tracking capabilities on the EOS R6 Mark II are quite robust, but there are some animal shapes that might not track as well as others. Recessed eyes and noses with eye-like shapes might affect where the camera tries to focus. Using a more closed down aperture might help. You could also try experimenting with an active AF point positioned over the dog's eyes. 

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