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R6 mark ii with budget & sigma lenses??


Hi everyone!

So I'm upgrading to a new camera, moving from an old dslr (not a Canon) After so much research I've found the r6 mark ii meets all my needs and more BUT to start I'll only be able to use either budget native RF lenses or adapted sigma ones. I've read many different comments on this and really don't know what's the best option here or even, if I should get a different model?🤔 I use it for work constantly, photography more than anything and basic videography (restaurants, hotels and portrait as well as for my own joy and experimentation).

I wonder if anyone has experienced already something similar and can share it with me? Or anyone who has any suggestions or views.

Thank you so much in advance guys ❤️



I do not know what lenses you have, so this is just my experience and not advice.

All of my EF and EF-S lenses work better on my EOS R5 than on my EOS 80D with a Canon adapter. I do not have any RF lenses. The only non-Canon lens I have is a 45 year old lens from a Minolta film camera which also works well with an Urth adapter, but since the lens has no electronics the camera has to be set to make photos with no lens detected.


Thank you so much for sharing 😊 I don't own any Canon lenses. I'm moving from Nikon and I'll be selling it with the lenses (nothing major they are pretty standard). I did think at some point to get one of the canon EFs but I read is really just not worthy to buy them and it'll be better to get budgets RFs

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I recently upgraded to the R6 Mark ll as well.  Great camera!  No complaints at all. I've been shooting Canon for years, so I have a number of EF lenses.  They all work perfectly fine with the R6m2, and in my opinion, just as good as my RF lenses.  

I also have some Sigma and Rokinon lenses.  Again, no issues other than the Rokinon (which is a non-auto lens) I have to set the camera to fire the shutter without a lens.  This is a one time thing.  While I may be missing the image stabilization in these off brand lenses, they in body IS still works.  

I also use old (even very old) film lenses with this camera.  While I give up some of the fancy lens communication from body to lens, I still love the results of the vintage lenses.

Bottom line... I am not shooting fast sports or wildlife with the old lenses.  However, I do shoot fast subjects with the EF, Sigma, and Rokinon lenses.  While they might not be quite as fast as the RF lenses, again, I have no complaints at all.

I'm sure you will get a lot of varying opinions here in the group from some other very knowledgable people.  Most are pretty sold on moving forward with RF lenses... and while that isn't a bad idea, I understand budget limitations... and I love using my old cheap lenses just as much as my new RF lenses.

That's for the photography end of it.  I don't do video, so look what the others say for that.


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Much like the others have mention I have a couple RF bodies including the R6 Mark II with mostly EF lenses and several of them being Sigma. I use them quite a bit and have had zero challenges and get outstanding images. I use the adapter with the control ring for flexibility when shooting sports and wildlife and program it for either shutter speed or aperture which works out great. Tried the 3rd party adapters and settle with Canon because IMO it performed much better. 

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What Sigma lenses do you have?  Non-EF mount lenses might not be adaptable. 

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Hey😊 I don't have any, I'll be buying it all new/used