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R6 Quick control dial stopped working


I’m not sure if it was a fluke after a firmware update but I did one a week or so ago and my quick control dial started to act up.  

I use it to scroll through images during quick reviews and it was freezing.  Now today it no longer works at all.  I can’t use it to scroll through images quickly or use it to scroll through things in the menu.  It completely quit.

Anyone experience this before?



Hi Heather and welcome to the forum:
Despite the timing with the update, I would suspect, given the gradual degradation you report, that this is a mechanical issue - perhaps some dirt has got in there or there is a loose connection.  Has the camera been in any kind of hostile (e.g. dusty) environment, or got bumped?

cheers, TREVOR

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Thank you.  Been here awhile but usually have no issues.


But nope, no issue anywhere that could have caused it.  I just realized tonight now that it’s completely not working that I can no longer change my aperature which STINKS!  I can change it via the screen, but what a bummer.  

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