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R6 MKii - Setting up my Focus, and OCF - 2 issues I'm having...

Hi folks! I'm coming from an R5, and struggling with 2 issues. Setting up my Focus, and OCF. Have spent a few hours searching, sorry if it's been asked already.
1st - Running a Godox X Pro II trigger. On my R5, when I turned the trigger on, the exposure preview turned off automatically, which is perfect for studio/flash. I LOVED that. I cant figure out how to set that up on my R6II. Do I have to manually turn exposure preview on and off now with the R6II? It was really nice for the camera to automatically realize there was a flash trigger or on camera flash on (and turned on).
2nd issue, I always shoot in the smallest AF area (or one of the small areas for sports), in servo mode. I'm finding that unless I turn subject detection off, the servo is always looking for a subject.  (I am not in AI Servo). I use back button focusing, and I have the * button set for eye focus, just like I did on my R5. Is there anyway to leave subject detection on, so that when I back button focus, or hit the * button which I also have set to focus on subjects eyes, it doesn't hunt for a subject and move my focus around?


I don't have the X-pro II trigger to hand, but when I use a Canon Speedlite or Speedlite Transmitter on the EOS R6 Mark II it does indeed switch off the exposure simulation. I think you may have a compatibility issue with the transmitter and camera, so I would make sure that your X-pro II has the latest firmware, V1.4 is the last one I could find.

The AF system in the EOS R6 Mark II is very different from the EOS R5/R6 (original one). I use my EOS R6 and EOS R6 Mark II with different AF settings even on the same subjects.

The key is that the EOS R6 MkII has subject detection, including eyes with any of the AF areas, where the EOS R5/R6 only has subject detection with eyes when set to the face + tracking method. Face + tracking was renamed whole area AF on the R6 Mk II. So by design the R6 Mk II is always looking for a subject unless you set Whole area tracking Servo AF to off. Then you can configure the * button to be eye detection AF so that it switches the camera to whole area AF with eye detection and starts focusing on the eye.

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Updating the firmware worked! Thank you!

Re-focus... so, the only way to keep point AF and not always be tracking a subject, is to turn subject detect to "None", do I have that right? I have turned off whole area tracking and it still hunts for a subject, just much closer to my point of focus. 

That means if I'm at a race track, or sports field, and want to go from point focus or expanded area focus point, to tracking an object, I have to go into a menu and change the setting, or set up a custom menu, or set a specific shooting mode with C1, C2, or C3? There's really no way for me to use both at the same time like the R5? That also means when I press the * button, I'm limited to whatever subject (animal vs person) I have that custom button set to. By default that is persons.

So again, lets say I'm at the park and I have both dogs, and people, I have to go into the menu to change that custom * button to focus on animal eyes or human eyes... 

Or I could leave everything on auto and just hope it works? I cant do that... Surely I'm missing something here? 

The R6 Mark II has a lot more control if you setup the custom settings for the back buttons well. 

Taking the AF-ON button with its default assignment of metering and AF start, you'll see an INFO detail set. note at the bottom of the screen. Press the INFO button and then you can customise what happens in detail with the AF-ON button. If you don't customise then it will use the current camera settings. 

This means that you can have the AF-ON button set to initiate focus wit the current camera settings, but by reconfiguring the * button to also be metering start + AF, but you can switch to say animal eye AF with a specific AF area and whole area tracking or not as you need. 

Here's a couple of screen shots from my camera to indicate the possibilities. When you put a check mark in the first column this indicates that the current camera setting will be overridden with the setting indicated.

r6 mk 2 af on 1.jpgr6 mk 2 af on 2.jpg

EOS specialist trainer, photographer and author
-- Note: my spell checker is set for EN-GB, not EN-US --

I set up AF-ON to be point focus only, no subject, and * button for subject focus. It's the closest you can get to the R5 concept, and it will work fine. I may change one of the other buttons to cycle through subjects too. Maybe the rate button. 


Odd issue I'm having now, is sometimes ISO reverts to auto-iso instead of whatever I set it to. 

For the auto ISO reverting to AUTO, check that the Speed from metering / ISO AUTO custom function is changed from restore auto after metering to retain speed after metering.

This feature works the same in both R5 and R6 Mark II, it's possible you changed it in R5 and haven't changed it in R6 Mark II

EOS specialist trainer, photographer and author
-- Note: my spell checker is set for EN-GB, not EN-US --
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