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R5 and RF 100-500 Auto Focus Issues - any ideas why?


I've waited a few years before deciding to jump into the mirrorless times to let all the bugs work themselves out, like a first gen new vehicle, right?  So, I finally decided to climb aboard the R5 train after shooting the last 20 years with every rendition of the Mark 5D's.  I am nearly regretting my purchase now, but not giving up hope yet.  I want the camera to work so bad, I came to this site in desperation.  I've lost too many great opportunities over the last 2 months that I've owned the R5.  I purchased the R5 (firmware 1.8.1 pre-installed) with with the RF 100-500 lens and shot after shot is blurry, (even on a tri-pod with slow moving birds such as pelicans are worthless shots).  I have shots at 1/1500+ with birds nicely framed (animal mode, eye detection and focus square wide open) and I can't get the auto focus to lock on for a second, it just continues to hunt and by the time it figures anything out, the bird is long gone. I joined up with a photo group excursion a couple weeks ago and 2 other pro photographers in the group couldn't understand it either.  I've also watched dozens of different tutorials on bird settings, field tested the settings and still 90+% of my shots are worthless.  So many people rave how good birding is with this combo, that's why I got it.  Please Help@  Thank You



Please help. “

Welcome to the Canon Forums!

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your new gear.  I suggest that you help someone to help you.  Please provide more details about your camera settings.  Post an sample file to a public file sharing platform such as Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, or somewhere would be most helpful.

The issue could be as simple as lens settings or a lens filter.  I do not recommend using a UV, CPL, or ND filter with any Canon lens.  Thanks, ahead of time.

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Just a couple of questions:

1) Have you tried any other lens?

2) Have you tried taking it out of Tracking, and just used single point?

3) Do you experience the same thing with still shots?

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We'd like to see some photos for evaluation as mentioned previously.  My RF 100-500 is razor sharp.  We are all happy to help and look into this for you.  FWIW, I'm using a clear protective filter on my lens.  We'll have a look once you post some images 😀

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