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R5 Custom mode and coming back from sleep resets settings to initial from custom mode


Here is the use case:

- Set camera to custom mode, say C1 that has shutter speed 1/400 configured for it.

- While in C1 shoot as usual adjusting shutter speed as need, say to 1/125

- Let camera go to sleep

- Wake the camera up

Observe shutter speed is reset to 1/400


I'd expect this not to be the case because letting camera going to sleep and waking it up is not the same (shouldn't be) as turning it off and then on.


If you enable autoupdate for the custom settings it will keep updating it with whatever you choose duting shotting but this kind of defeats the purpose of the custom mode in my opinion, where you are guaranteed to always start from the same set of settings when switch to that mode.


This tells me you don't get it probably because you don't use your camera. No one wants to save the settings to the card because that is not what they are trying to do. They are trying to use the camera. Saving to the card does not allows you to change settings temporarily then move them to something else temporarily and than when you turn the camera off, C1 is recalled.

"The custom shooting modes are not designed to work that way."

I'm not sure what you mean by this. If you mean that custom shooting modes don't work like this, I agree. If you're arguing that the proposed functionality is not in keeping with the intended use of the C modes, I completely disagree. The proposed functionality is a middle road between the two existing extremes—and I don't see any downside to it unless you absolutely want to have your modifications to the particular C mode reset every minute or so. Maybe there is a use case that requires this.

I agree and I have done this but the problem I have is that it uses up a lot more battery. When you use a big lens, and fast FPS when the battery drops somewhere below half capacity, the fps drops and the lens exibits some inconsistant behavior all which do not happen with a full to half battery, so this feature drops my half battery life to even less before having to change batteries. I have 3 batteries and I can either buy another battery or do what someone else said. Get a sony because they don't do this. If the R1 does not have the capabilities of the R5 and has C!-3 issues we are seeng now. I may have to consider that option. The more I see how it hurts BIF and shooting models, the more it becomes a deal breaker for me.

Do Sonys work the way we want Canon's C modes to work? I've never paid any attention to their bodies.

I have been told yes but I have not owned a Sony. I do have a Nikon D810 that I was going to test. but for ammunition but it won't make any difference. Canon will listen to their customers or they won't and in the past they haven't so it seems like a waste of time.

There have been examples of Canon listening to its customer base but, on the whole, I agree. FUJIFILM did a good job of this for a while. They're still better than average. Sony seems to listen to its influencers. I think the chances of getting any company to respond to customer feedback is greatest with a high profile issue where there is relatively uniform agreement on a solution. On something like this, where you've got apologists for Canon defending the status quo, others who don't seem to really appreciate (or care) about the issue, and (I would guess) the vast majority of users completely ignorant of what the C modes even are, the chances of a change in functionality on this body is pretty low. But it could show up in the R5 Mk III, so it's still worth a call with support in my opinion.


Any fedback on this? This a problem to me too. I am loosing bird photos because as I spend time chasing the bird, when I finnaly find me in the position to get the shot I want, I find the camera on sleep and all settings reset. This is very annoying. I use C1 and C2 for birds perched and flying birds, but some times I have to change speed and exposure compensation.

The only problem is a great misunderstanding of how the camera should work.  If you wish to retain your camera settings, then do not use a Custom Shooting Mode.

The whole point of Custom Shooting Modes is to load a saved preset of camera settings, NOT to preserve your current settings.

If you wish to retain your camera settings, then do not use a Custom Shooting Mode.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Please excuse Waddizzle. He seems to think all the contributors who share the OP's viewpoint just don't understand "how the camera should work". He was probably the first one to give Steve Jobs' "Your holding it wrong." a thumbs up.

Does he knows what wildlife photograpy is?
Waddizzle: An example here

It is common to wildlife photografers use C1-3 to have quick(imediate) response when we need to shoot, depending of what shows up in front of you. Wildlife doesnt wait for you to reconfigure your settings.

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