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R5 4k video stuck pixels

Rising Star
Rising Star

Recorded July 4th fireworks recently near my house for first time on my R5 and noticed 2 things, noise and multiple stuck pixels.  I know I can fix the noise by bumping up the noise reduction setting in high ISO but the stuck pixels was a surprise as I didn't use my R5 much due this past year and still has low shutter count (5k in 16 months).

4K, 30 fps, IPB-lite, standard noise reduction, auto iso, Av priority mode

test recording with lens cap on with similar settings, 2 noticeable blue stuck pixels in upper middle/left, few red pixels, and few very faint white pixels.

I emailed Canon support and they can map out the sensor via canon maintenance service but since i'm out of warranty by few months, debating if it's worth it as I rarely shoot low light, high iso video often.  I can also map out the hot pixels in post via Davinci resolve pretty easily too as my video editing requirements are simple.  Pictures/videos with decent lighting are perfect with no issues.

That said, I tried something else after updating to 1.6 firmware (firmware upgrade didn't fix issue either as expected).  I recorded in both 8k and 4k HQ and the stuck pixels disappeared completely.  I even shot 8k raw with NR off and couldn't see any stuck pixels.

At this point I have working solutions that doesn't require sending my body in but still curious why the stuck pixels are only visible when using 4k and not in 4k HQ/8K.  Having the 1.6 firmware and ability to turn on the "auto pwr off temp." to high give me back the ability to record 29.59 in 4K HQ when needed.

stuck pixels visible, especially the 2 blue ones top/middle:

4k, 30fps, NR (any setting but faint ones disappears with high), any recording format (all-i, ipb, ipb-lite), auto iso, av priority

stuck pixels disappear:

4k HQ, 8k, NR (any setting), recording format (any), auto iso, av priority



Rebel XT, 7D, 5Dm3, 5DmIV (current), EOS R, EOS R5 (current)


Heat the sensor and do the lens cap/clean sensor method.

sorry, forgot to add that, already tried that 4-5 times.  It did help lessen the red stuck pixel intensity and few of the white ones disappeared but made no difference with the blue stuck pixels.


Rebel XT, 7D, 5Dm3, 5DmIV (current), EOS R, EOS R5 (current)


I suppose you have them also when shooting raw? Upload some raw samples and I can inspect the bayer pattern before demosaicing. Or you can do it yourself with darktable, RawTherapee or ART.


My EOS R5 got many stuck pixels from heavy use of timelapse.For me, stuck pixel wont show when i shoot in C-log3 and raw. I believe there are some kind of mechanic to get rid of that in raw and clog.

I have tried the manual cleaning sensor with the cap on and face down the camera and it was not work. 

What work for me is using "Sensor Cleaning > clean now" at 100 ISO and I follow the cap and facedown routine. the blue and white pixel seems to be less after repeat it a few time. I notice they are disappear by watching viewfinder at max ISO before and after.

I am not  an expert, i am not sure what have i done, may be it works with other may be not. I am pretty happy after they disappear (i was very worried) so i just would like to share my info.

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