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R5 4k, 60fps laggy


hi, ive been shooting 1080p 60fps on my canon r5 for a little while with no trouble and I wanted to upgrade to 4k. I switched it and now all my video is laggy/choppy. Ive tried troubleshooting with a few option like  Turning off IBS but nothing has helped so far. When I switch it back in to 1080 the video goes back to normal.

any suggestions would be great



Sorry to hear you're having problems.  Unfortunately I don't know what you mean by "my video is laggy/choppy".  Do you mean when you press play on the camera?  Or when you play it on a computer?  Or in some kind of editing app?  Also what does "laggy/choppy" mean?  Any chance of a sample?

Generally I've found that 4k @ 59.94 works fine.  But when you come to edit it, your editor may have trouble keeping up, and then you will get stuttering in the editing app.  If that's so, then it's not the camera's fault.  A more powerful computer, or a proxy workflow, might help.  A video player on your computer can have problems too, if the computer isn't powerful enough.

If you post a sample -- like take a short clip from the camera, and post it on Dropbox or something -- then folks here can see if it's choppy for them, compared to what they normally shoot.


Adding to what AtticusLake brought up.  Please also share what brand/type/model card you are using.  If its in camera playback, it could be related to the media type.

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