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R3 Front Mounting Ring Replacement


IMG_4861.jpgMy camera took a fall, lens seperated from the body and now the top of the front mounting ring has been pulled away from the body ever so slightly and is now not allowing the lens to lock into the retaining/locking pin.

I've removed the five screws in an attempt to pull off the ring to "massage" the ring back to its original shape. Not sure what's behind the ring and that's where I stopped.

Does anyone have any experience ordering this ring and installing the ring? I repair everything but this is a bit too delicate to jump into without guidance.

Any assistance would be appreciated.




I think your last comment says it all.  "... but this is a bit too delicate to jump into without guidance..."  Translation, I should send my camera to > Canon.  Forget it was a $6k camera new and can be had for $3500 recently.  Lens separated from the body...  This is more serious.  There could be hidden damage.  My advice, send your camera to Canon so it gets inspected and repaired properly. Thats truly the best advice.  I'd consider sending the lens too for an inspection and cleaning.  Here's some additional information.  Those screws are not phillips head, they are cross-point.  I cannot in good conscience tell you to take your R3 apart.  You are welcome to do differently if you like.    

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I have to agree with Shadowsports, don't cause more damage by messing with it yourself. I thought about replacing the screen on my M50 until I watched a video on Youtube and saw just how much needed to be done.

IF you insist on doing it yourself then go to Youtube and watch MANY videos on it. just make sure the video you follow is somebody that knows what they are doing and not some basement hack.


I have to totally agree with Rick's comments here.  You have an expensive and very precise piece of engineering there.  It might be tempting to try to do a do-it-yourself job on this, but the likelihood is that it will cost you even more in the end.  There is a lot going on in that body, including (but not limited to) weather sealing, circuits tied to the frame and screw that might seem like they are there to disassemble but are actually for precise component alignment.  The same goes for the lens - a good bang can mis-align elements and ruin you optic.

cheers, TREVOR

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