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Can scratched front lens elements be replaced by Canon?


Hello all,

I'm one of those people who worries about accidently damaging my camera gear.  I just purchased an EOS R with the 24-105 L series lens and I was curious how easy it is to scratch?  Should I be worried about scratching the lens when replacing the lens cap with a lens hood in a reverse position or is it safer to remove the lens hood to ensure it's put on correctly?  In the event that the lens does get damaged I did purchase the care pak.  Would canon replace the front lens element if needed?  Thanks!





Put a clear lens filter on the lens and use your camera.  CarePaks are there for unforeseen accidents, but don't live life waiting for one to happen.


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Thanks for the reply and recommendation! I’ve ordered a few of those filters.  Any quality issues that you’ve experienced while using them?


But to answer your question, yes Canon can replace the front element, as long as the lens is still being supported. But note that it takes a *lot* of damage for it to be noticable.

Very good to know.  Thank you


I can definitely second Rick's recommendation above.  I also personally use the B+W brand.  I like their high-quality optics, and also their use of a different metal (brass) than what Canon uses for the filter threads on the lens.  While not impossible to overtighten, it helps to not bind as much.

I even have spares on hand for the two sizes I need just in case.


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Thanks for the reply. Have you experienced any quality issues with using a lens protector filter?

Will the original lens cap fit over a filter? Or would I need to remove the filter to put the cap back on when storing in a camera bag?


I have not.  I'm sure there are other brands beyond B+W that also have great optical quality.  I haven't used them though.

But for these clear versions, Neutral Density (ND) (I only used fixed ND and not variable), and Circular Polarizers (CP), I've not noticed any image degredation.

While you don't need to spend a huge amount of cash on filters, I would advise against the very inexpensive ones since they could affect your images.  After all, Canon has some very excellent glass elements throughout their lenses.  So not a good idea to add a poor quality element to that.


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Thanks for the useful information.