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Product Photograph: EOS 600D Struggling to focus through viewfinder


Hello all,

I hope everyone is well.


I've been using my EOS600D for a while now. I've been very happy with it, but I do notice that sometimes it struggles to focus either through the screen or the viewfinder (terminology maybe off as I have next to no knowledge with cameras). 

I use my camera to photograph items of clothing hung up on a hanger. I'll provide examples. The settings I use are 1/80, F8 and 1600 ISO. I also use the kit lens and take around 800-1000 photos per week, so I tend to use the lens until it dies, then I just replace it.

I've noticed that my camera has been struggling when I've been trying to take a profile picture of the item (the main photo). Whenever I zoom in, it works absolutely fine.

I'll include a video of the problem I'm dealing with. It's mainly the noise the camera makes as I had to hold my iphone next to it.

If anyone has advice, I'd massively appreciate it. I'm also open minded to a new camera. My main is to take as many photos as possible, as quickly as possible, with at least a good quality image (it's mainly used for eBay, Etsy etc).

Thank you!







You can use the computer screen with the chessboard pattern.

With 600D, only the centre AF point is cross type, meaning it detects vertical and horizontal lines. All the others detect only vertical or horisontal lines.

First picture from my 5D, the red AF point can only detect horisontal lines and will not lock on the vertical line.


 Second picture from my 5D. Rotating the camera 45 degrees and the red AF point will now detect and lock on the line.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for that thorough response.

Yeah that makes complete sense. When I used to have problems with this, I realised that i had a manual focus point. I would change it back to automatic and it would work fine.

The problem is, on the main photo I'm trying to take, it's making that noise and not taking a photo when I have it set to automatic. If I change the point to the centre, it will take it... but then struggles for close up of the garments.

Hope that makes sense

Is the AF sound worse now than for one month ago?

If centre AF point works for everything else than close up it may indicate that there is no contrast for the AF to lock on.

Yeah it's worse. It's basically just not picking up anything.

The thing is, it was working absolutely fine, the products haven't changed at all. I understand that white items on a white background is hard.

I've contacted my local photography shop and he said the autofocus on the lens is on it's way out. He told me to revert to using an Iphone but I can't get the same quality.

Thanks for the help, I think I'll need to buy a new lens!

If you have any recommendation for a lens that would be great. My worry is, I wouldn't want it too expensive as I take 1000 photos per week and I know i'll be replacing them in the future.


You can get a kit lens for less than $50.


Yeah that's what I normally do. I was wondering whether it would be better to invest in something that'll last longer.

I'm fine buying a new lens though!



That noise the camera or lens is making in the first video sounds to me like cause for concern.  Seriously, it sounded like a sick power saw. 😬

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Hi Rick!

Yeah I don't understand why it's doing it, it's almost as if it's struggling to know what to focus on. It's only just started doing this as well.


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