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Problems Using Canon R5 With Pocket Wizard and Monolights


I am trying to figure out flash sync setup for R5 and pocketwizard triggered monolights. All of the info I find is regarding setup for external Canon speedlights. Anyone firing monolights from an R5?


I am getting a dark edge down the right which tells my I am not synced properly, but can't figure out what settings to use to correct the problem.





You sure it is not just a lighting thing? Have you tried to turn the camera on its side?


Have you lowered the shutter speed?

The camera was turned on its side and on a tripod (shutter release button on top). I did testing -- prior to going to the shoot where the problem arose -- and it all seemed to be working fine. Was hoping someone had seen this particular dark edge problem -- it is really the bottom of the frame only shows on right side because of camera orientation.

I used 1/200 which was what I thought the instructions indicated. While on the shoot I tried Mechanical and Elec. 1st-curtain Shutter Modes. Sample provide was shot with Elec. 1st-curtain Shutter Mode


External Speed Light Control Settings:

Flash Firing: Enable

E-TTL balance: Standard

E-TTL II meter.: Average

Contin flash ctrl: E-TTL 1st shot

Slow synchro: 1/250


Firing Pocketwizard enabled Photogenic monolight with a Pocket Wizard Plus-X trigger on camera.


None of this flash gear was E-TTL enabled, so dumb wireless trigger with flash power set on the monolight.