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Problem with my rebel t3, camera won't turn on


I have a rebel t3 and the batteries fully changed and the camera won’t turn on. Any ideas why?




Given the camera's age, are you sure the battery is in good working order?  How old is it, and is it canon brand?

Please remove the lens and memory card and attempt to power on the camera.  If you have a second battery, I'd test with it as well.

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It was my mom’s camera she’s had it for many years. I am going to try and buy a new battery for it and see if that’s the issue.

I do believe it’s the original battery too


Hello there,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your Canon Rebel T3 camera not turning on here are some solution for the same

Ensure that the battery is charged and properly inserted into the camera. If the battery is old, it might not hold a charge anymore, so consider replacing it.

Check for any physical damage to the camera, including the battery compartment, buttons, and switches. Even minor damage can affect the camera's functionality.

If none of the above steps work, it may be a more serious issue, and you should contact Canon customer support or take your camera to a professional camera repair service for diagnosis and repair.

I hope this will help you.