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Preserve "Star Rating" with images move to Mac?


Using EOS 6D Mark II.

I've just started using the "Star Rating" on photos in-camera to try to find the good ones and keep track of them.

I was disappointed when I copied files from the SD card onto my external drive for my Mac and found that the Star Ratings from in-camera appear to not be preserved.


Can anyone help me figure out how to save the meta data? For example, if I give it a three-star rating in the camera, it would be super useful to have that rating available for search on my mac when I want to find "three star photos."


I hope that makes sense. Thanks for any help.




I assume it shows up in DPP.


What software are you using on the Mac?


Send Apple Feedback:


But don't hold your breath.

Thanks for assisting... I was not aware of Digital Photo Professional (DPP), so downloaded and installed it. Indeed I can see the star ratings in there, so that was a huge help! 


I can Filter for Rating there by setting Filter to "On" and then selecting "Rating" and "***" or "****".


And from there I can use Finder to locate the files I wish to work on in Photoshop or other tools. 


Super helpful!

AFAIK, the star ratings are in the canon proprietary data in the file, and not available for other programs to use.


 Jeffrey's Image Metadata Viewer and darktable are able to read the ratings from my 6D raw files.