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EOS R8 Overheating


Returning my new Canon R8 for one major reason, overheating. I took my new camera out and did some outside photography, Mounts Botanical Gardens and then the next day to Wellington Preserve. The first day after one hour the camera had 4-5 red bars and a warning of overheating, I took it into the shade and waited @ 5-10 minutes and finished off my visit. The next day I was out and @ 1 hour twenty minutes the camera warned me it has overheated and is shutting down. I don’t really shoot outside often, but when I do have a photo shoot outside I don’t want to have to worry about the camera just shutting down on me. I’m not quite sure if the canon.R6 Mark ll has the same problem, but now I’m really skeptical about this line of mirrorless cameras.



Before I respond, I want to pull the owner manuals for the R8 and R62.  

What resolution, frame rates, codecs, were you recording in?

What was the outside temperature?

Filming video in uncovered sun light can present challenges for any camera.  (any brand).

Did you have the camera on continuously?  Keep in mind both cameras are oversampling in 6K which also contributes to heat generation.  I'll have a bit more for you after I review the manuals and you provide more information about the conditions you were shooting under.  

R8_R62_Continious Recording Comparison.png

Looking forward to your reply.

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