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Photo Ratings Assigned on R7 Not Showing Up on Computer


I've just recently purchased an R7, upgraded from a 7Dmii. I've always gone through my pictures back-of-camera and assigned ratings to the "keepers," which is much more convenient than sifting through the files on a computer and choosing the keepers from there. This also allows me to upload to my drive only the bests, and delete the rests. When I assign my 5-star rating to the images from my new R7 however, they do not show up as rated when I go to pull them from my memory card onto my computer. I've formatted the card, and can still see the rating when I browse through the pics on my camera, is there something I'm doing wrong? Or is there a different rating system on the R7?



What kind of computer? What software do you use to download?

It's just a Windows, the Surface Pro 7. I typically just open the files in the file explorer, sort them by rating, and pull the ones I want while deleting the rest, all right from the file explorer in Windows. Used to be a breeze and took no time at all. Didn't have to download the files to anything, and therefore never needed to import them to Lightroom first!



Are you shooting in RAW, JPEG, both, cRAW?

Trying to understand this.  I see the rating in the camera and in windows, but sorting by rating in windows explorer won't give you just the rated images, they will just appear first.  I'm curious, how do you know where rated photos stop, and unrated photos start?

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Shooting in CRAW. There is the option to view ratings on the file explorer, so it displays next to the date the image was taken. The pictures, once brought to Lightroom, display the rating no problem, but they're all listed as unrated in the file explorer still

Canon CRAW appears to be a compressed RAW file format. I wonder if this compression has any effect on the file properties information saved in camera. Do you have the same issue with CRW or CR2 files? Maybe Windows needs some kind of an update to recognize this info from the newer CRAW format, since LR can apparently access it.

This is just one of those helpful Windows features you don't see mentioned often. Or at least I didn't. Only learned about it within the last few years . . . Wish I'd found it sooner instead of later.


Yes, that's how I normally view my rates files from my old camera. The problem is the star ratings just don't translate or something, and each file shows as being unrated, or 0 stars.

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