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Old 5d or new Rebel? Help Please!




Lately I have been doing some research and questioning if I should sell my old 5d in exchange for a new Rebel (maybe the t5i?).  I take a lot of animal shelter photos, as well as travel/landscape/touristy photos.  I played with the t5i the other night and it just seems so much faster and the images seemed to be very crisp and clear (on the LCD).  I just don't know if that is a crazy idea.  I haven't been in the freelance game in quite a few years so I'm a bit out of the loop when it comes to what the better camera is at this time.  I cannot afford another 5d to upgrade to the mark iv, iii or ii.


I was hoping you all could give me some opinions.


Thank you!


I ended up finding a great deal via Adorama for a new t5i with the 18-135 lens, plus a pro-100 printer and accessories for $750 +no tax/free shipping.  I really wanted a DSLR that was smaller than my 5d with a built in flash for quick day trips and shelter photos.  Thanks everyone for your thoughts!

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"A t5i or the 7d."


Is this a question?   If it is, wow, they are very different cameras.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

NanciG wrote:
A t5i or the 7d. I plan on getting a 7d mark 2 I have a t2i and played with the t4i and t5i. It is a solid series. All of them

My wife has a T2i, and it has been a very good camera. (She particularly likes its light weight.) But the Rebel series doesn't have autofocus microadjustment, and I've come to regard that as a deal breaker.


The 7D (of which I have two) is a fine camera. The 7D2 will be even better.

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