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New member needs help


I am new to the forum and asking for help. Our granddaughter plays basketball and I would like to photograph her. I kayak and would like to photograph birds. Is the EOS 760D the camera for me? Other? What lens or lenses? How can I protect my equipment form damage from saltwater? Thank you.


@lurechunker wrote:
My 80D with 18-55 from Canon store will arrive tomorrow. I think I made a mistake by not getting the 28-135. Should I leave the 18-55 in the box and send it back? I'd like to start with an "all-round" lens and one long enough for back yard birds.

Do you mean 18-135, instead of 28-135?  The 18-135 lenses are pretty good.  BUT, they will likely cast a shadow when you try to use the flash.  I know that older 18-135mm lenses cast a major shadow on a T5, so I would expect a shadow on an 80D.  The 18-55mm lens has a 35mm equivalent of 29-88mm, which is pretty close to 24-70mm that is very popular for use with full frame camera bodies.


The  STM version of the 18-55mm is a really good lens.  I would hang on to it.  I can guarantee you that whatever plans you have for using the camera, you will find new scenarios to use it.  I would keep the 18-55mm, and pass on buying a 18-135, so that you can budget more money towards your birding lens.  If you can afford to do all of the above, then by all means, buy all of the lenses you want.

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@lurechunker wrote:

What about buying a used or refurbished lens from B&H?

I am not sure if I have seen any Canon refurbished gear at B&H, not in the last few years for sure.  If you want to buy Canon refurbished gear, then I would only recommend the Canon refurbished store.  They will give you a one year warranty, not just a  "guarantee" of some kind.  


I think B&H has a fairly good and objective rating system for their used gear.  I think much of it is a bit pricey, though.  Many times they will offer used gear that is rated "good" that has an asking price that is more than what is being offered in the Canon Refurbished Store.  


Check what the B&H guarantee and return policy might be for used gear.  I've bought a used tripod head and a "hi-hat" tripod from B&H, and I think I had a 15 day return window, and a 30 day guarantee.


Good judgement needs to exercised when buying used gear.  You must consider the source.  You must consider the return policy, for which B&H has a good reputation.  You must consider the cost/benefit of expensive gear without a warranty.  You must consider can the used gear be repaired, if needed in the near future.  


With used camera gear, there is always a risk of mold and mildew contamination.  Canon's refurbished gear has that new gear smell to it, so I think the contamination risk is small to non-existent with Canon.


[EDIT]. If what you want is out of stock at the Canon Refurbished Store, be patient.  Most of the items will be back in stock in a month, or two, or three.  The "L" series lenses can sell out very quickly.  

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I have been offered a used Induro alloy model 6MA213 with everything needed. Was told it is too heavy for travel but okay for my yard. Thoughts.

I have four tripods right now.  One is too big and heavy to travel with. It stays home.  It is the one pointed in the back yard where the birds frequent.  I also have a tripod dolly.  It helps.


Will the 6MA213 do what you want it to?  Today and tomorrow?  If it will and the price is right, buy it.  Don't buy it just because it is there.  Same as the lenses, no different.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

This is all new to me and I value the posts from members. I have been offered a trial of the Enduro. The heaviest lens planned is the 400mm L....or the 100-400 if I win the powerball.

Induro is pretty decent stuff.  I own an Induro tripod, gimbal head, and a monopod (I also own tripods and heads from other makes) and I've been very happy with them.


In tripod selection, it's part "quality" (is the gear well made or is it junk) and then it's part "is the gear sufficient for how I plan to use it" (will it hold the weight?  Will it vibrate when I'm taking exposures causing me to have blur? Being solid is sort of the whole point of using the tripod in the first place.)


As long as it's beefy enough for how you need to use it, you should be fine.


I also have a small lightweight (feather-weight really) travel tripod.  It's extremely well-made (it's not junk) and it's incredibly light (I have carried it literally all day with zero complaints).  But... it's not beefy/sturdy for any amount of weight.  So I can't use it for any type of action photography.  But for non-action photography, as long as I remotely trigger the camera and make sure I let any vibrations settle, and protect it from wind, etc. etc. (you get the idea) then it works.  But imagine doing action photography where you have to grab the shot at the decisive moment and you can't wait around for the vibrations to settle or you'll miss the shot.  You'd need a much beefier tripod for that sort of shooting.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

"The heaviest lens planned is the 400mm L...."


This is a light weight lens.  It is totally handholdable.  It doesn't require a massive tripod. Neither does an 80D.  Don't waste your money!

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

"Don't waste your money!"


Whoops!  A little clarification.


 Meaning, get what you really need and want.  The first time.   That tripod may be fine I never used one so I can't say.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

With due respect, for 50 bucks if the tripod does not work out ....I'll use it as a kayak anchor.

@lurechunker wrote:
With due respect, for 50 bucks if the tripod does not work out ....I'll use it as a kayak anchor.

Including the bag, or not, that is probably a good deal.  Including a head and mounting plate?  That's even better.  


Is it difficult to handhold the 80D with a 400mm lens, or the 150-600mm lenses?  With a little practice, it is not that difficult.  Do you want to handhold it, while staring at a bird feeder?  Probably not.  Use a tripod for the feeder, like Ernie does.

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I am waiting for verification that my camera is on the way. My friend will bring the tripod over for a trial after I get the camera. We have blue jays, doves and wood peckers. The buntings are missing and may be headed north. I saw a group of white ibis this morning near here. There are always wading birds nearby.

What about a longer lens for birds that will not cause a divorce.....Sigma 50-500 or Canon 100-400?
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