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New R100 with battery issue connected to SD card's available storage


Hi there,

I just bought a brand new EOS R100 and am noticing a battery issue that's connected to how much storage the SD card has left.

Upon inserting a completely empty card (16G Sandisc SDHC) and a fully charged Canon battery (the one that came with the camera), the camera displays that I have 28h left and this number drops by about 2 mins with every photo that I take. But it will tell me I only have 5hrs or even 1hr left with an almost full card, e.g. when there are just 200 or 40 photos available to take with the card. Inserting a full SD card triggered a "no battery left" response (flashing red light).

I've been able to replicate this behavior with other SD cards (e.g. 8G): the fuller the card gets, the less photos I can take with a fully charged battery. What may be causing this? I own another Canon (DSLR) as well as a Sony point and shoot camera and have never had this problem with either of them.




I do not own the R100 and do not foresee owning one.  The camera body reporting how many hours of time left on the battery is big news, to me.  Could you post a screenshot from the User Guide that documents or explains how to see this display feature?

Canon DSLRs have always displayed an estimate of how many shots worth of memory space that you could have left on your memory card.  This featured behavior has carried over into the MILC bodes of the M Series and R Series.

I have never known a Canon digital camera body to display how much time you have left on your battery.  How could it know how?  It would need to be able to predict the future.  How often and how long will you turn the camera on.  How many shots will you take when you do turn on the camera.

However, the camera bodies DO display how fully charged a battery might be, 0-100%.  Camera bodies can also display how deep the in-camera shot buffer is for continuous shooting.  Be aware that the number of available shots displayed may decrease as the remaining battery charge drops.  This is because the fps frame rate decreases significantly when the battery level drops below 40-50%.

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