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Neewer NW985 with Canon 1100D + 80D


Hi All,


I'm new to the forum so apologies if this isn't relevant but I've just been searching around for some help!


I've been using a Canon 1100D and have been using a Neewer 985 with this. I've taken the plunge into a more advanced camera and have now purchased an 80D. I'm strangely finding that the external flash menu is accessible on this camera and most settings seem to be working ok - I've been messing around with the multi function and the Canon is firing this with no problem.


The prongs on the bottom of the flash are showing as the same as the camera. I'm able to access the external flash menu and when I make changes to flash settings some instigate instantly whereas others will say "not compatible" yet when you look at the flash it has actually changed them.


The AF-Assist just doesn't seem to instigate at all either? I've definitely got "AF-Assist beam firing" enabled on the Camera menu as well.


Do any of you have any experience with this flash? Is the issue that it's just a bit rubbish for the 80D? Or does it come across more that I'm not locking it on quite correctly - with some settings working absolutely fine and others being strange...


Many thanks in advance if you're able to assist.


You might need to get a firmware update for the flash

@kvbarkley wrote:
You might need to get a firmware update for the flash

I'm not sure if there is a firmware update available.  That is strictly a TTL flash.  The camera probably thinks it is a more advanced E-TTL, because the flash answers back to everything, which might explain some of the "non supported" messages.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Hi both,


thansk for your advice :-). As suggested, I've checked the Neewer website and there doesn't appear to be a firmware update so not sure it is this.


Sounds like it could likely be the E-TTL issue as it does say "E-TTL" on the LCD display of the flash, and I understand it is supposed to be compatible with both Canon and Nikon, but feels it's just not quite working right. I'm going to get in touch with Neewer as well.


Would you suggest I look specifically for an E-TTL?


Do you think that this would suit the 80D: APEMAN E-TTL Speedlite Flash  [Mod Note: Removed link to purchase third party product due to FORUM GUIDELINES


Thanks for your help so far.

I would suggest that you stick with a Canon flash.  Communication with strobes can get technical real quick.  The Canon flashes might cost more, but you can almost guarantee yourself that they will work with current and future gear.


I have grave reservations when it comes to buying stuff off Amazon and eBay.  I like to stick to more conventional retailers.  My favorite online Canon retailers are Canon and B&B Photo Video.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thank you for this - really appreciate the advice!

To add, buying from Canon, B&H, Adroma, or other, large outlets, is they have staff willing to answer your questions.

Most brick and mortar stores have good staff and you can actually see the differences in equipment and learn the details. They can help you with other equipment that compliments and works with what you need. Most brick and mortar also have good used equipment.