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My lens' AF is not working and my other lens' focus gets stuck


After some time of bearing with it, I'm finally looking for help about this.


Basically, the problem of my first lens is that in MF the focus spins easily and it's not stuck at all, but in AF the focus spins (if you're looking at the camera as if taking a photo yourself) to the left and it stays there. It doesn't spin back to the right to try and adjust the focus itself. I don't really have other similar lenses to compare the performance with and this is not the moment in life where I can just buy another lens. Is the lens lost forever in malfunction land or do you think that it can be fixed? It seems to be a mechanical problem since it tries to spin right and it clicks a bit, but it can't move by itself (maybe it's not strong enough?).


My second lens' issue is that the focus "slider ring" (I'm not a professional, so I don't really know the terms) gets stuck mid spin in either MF or AF. It's perfectly loose at the leftmost part of the spin and the rightmost one.


I don't really get to use my camera in many occasions, and they haven't been dropped ever, so I don't understand what's happening to them. Maybe it's the heat of where I live damaging them? I wanted to consult you through here to get an opinion because inflation is hitting really hard and professional maintenance is really expensive. I need some sort of early diagnosis no not waste any money on check ups for them to tell me that my lenses are dead forever (hopefully not, though).


Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.


*Lens 1 is the standard lens that comes with the T4i Rebel (EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II), and Lens 2 is an EF 50/1-1.8 II.





It could very well be the camera. It could be an isue with the phase detection. Does the autofocus work in LiveView mode?

It works the same in LiveView and through the viewfinder. It spins to the left and can't go back.

Does the lens still do this when it is removed from the camera?  Does it "rattle" when you shake it?

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