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My canon 6d is not turning on when I insert the SD card.

  • Hi there, I haven't used my Canon 6D for a couple of days. Today, when I tried to use it, I noticed that it doesn't turn on with an SD card inserted. However, it does turn on without the SD card. How can I address this issue?


Look inside the card slot to see if any pins are bent.  Perhaps there's a short that is happening when the card is inserted.

Also, are you using a full-sized card or a micro-sized card with an adapter?  Micro-sized cards are known to cause many issues.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
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Hi, thanks for the response. I'm using a full-sized card. I've checked inside the slot, but I don't see any bent pins. I've also tried several cards that work perfectly in other DSLR cameras, but the camera still won't turn on with any card.


Have you changed the bootloader (installed magic lantern)?

What if you format the card in computer, for example with SD Formatter?

Hi, no, I'm using the current official firmware of Canon. I formatted the card in various ways, but it still doesn't turn on.

I'm not sure how this problem happened. However, I believe the possible causes could be:
- My memory card was recently infected with a virus. I discovered this when I inserted it into my laptop.
- My memory card is a bit old, and some parts got detached when I removed it, but I checked and there are no debris inside, and I don't see any bent pins. The inside is clean.

After much research on the internet, I found one person who had the same issue. He mentioned that moisture had formed inside the slot and he removed it. However, I don't see any moisture inside the card slot of my camera.

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As a last resort before getting the camera repaired, try blowing out the SD card slot with canned air. Also, throw the broken SD card out.

Regrettably, there isn't a DSLR repair shop in my country.


Is the door to the memory card fully and securely closed?  There is a micro-switch on the door that can prevent the camera from turning on when the door is not properly secured.

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I've checked and it's fully secured and closed.


Finally, I discovered that whenever these two pins make contact, the camera fails to turn on, similar to when I insert the memory card. I attempted to place something to prevent them from touching, and then I inserted the memory card. The camera turned on, but the card wasn't read.

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