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My EOS 50D switch on but can not take any pictures


My EOS 50D power on, and in the auto mode, auto focus is working, flash is on and shutter clicks. However, no pictures are taken, menu key doesn't work, playback does not work. LCD is off nothing shows. HELP..


Are you sure you have the CF card installed? You can take pictures all day without the card...
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CF is installed and working fine..


Hi smiley2306,


Thank you for posting.


If the camera does not respond when the <SHUTTER> button, <MENU> button or <PLAYBACK> button are pressed, try taking the battery out of the camera for a few minutes, then reinstall the battery and try again.  If the camera still does not respond, it will need to be examined by our Factory Service Center.


To start the repair process, you'll need to complete a Repair Request on our website.


If the camera is more than a year old, you may participate in the Canon Loyalty Program instead.  The Canon Loyalty Program option allows you to replace your current camera for a discounted fee, plus shipping.  The unit offered through this program carries a 90 day warranty.  The original non-functioning camera would then be returned to Canon USA for recycling using a prepaid shipping label that would be provided. 


If you would like to take part in this option, please call our Sales Department at (800) OK CANON (800-652-2666) seven days a week, 8am to Midnight.  Let them know you have been working with online support and the Canon Loyalty Program was offered.  Be sure to have your serial number for your camera at the time of your call.


If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.

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It was a battery problem. Not enough power to take pictures. Battery replaced and everything is fine now. Thank you all