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Mode (selection) dial won't turn fully on Rebel T1i


I have an EOS Rebel T1i. It has been carefully cared for and has not suffered any damage. Suddenly, its mode dial has stopped rotating fully. I can no longer access the Portrait setting or the Full Auto setting, but it will turn freely on either side of these settings.

I tried applying extra pressure, but I cannot get it to budge. I removed the rechargable battery for several days, but this had no effect.


Similar posts on Google reveal this as a recurring issue but few "solutions" or outcomes are offered, except one person who said it might be electrical. Due to the high cost of sending it in for repair and the long wait for a local repair, I am hoping someone here knows why this is happening.

The camera lens is set to auto focus.Removing the lens has no effect.



Hi nascarnole!


Thanks for posting.


The mode dial is a physcially moving component.  The ability for the dial to move in any direction is independent upon any setting in the camer, lens, battery, etc.  It needs to be repaired at this point.  To start the repair process, you'll need to complete a Repair Request on our website.



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