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MMC card tecognized but not SD card

Hi! My trust 16GB SD card suddenly couldnt be accessed on my camera, neither could any of the three other SD cards i tried. But a random 32 MB MMC card worked just fine. Unfortunately, it could only fit 3 photos 😕

I am suspecting something’s wrong with the camera’s card reseptors since the MMC card only has 7 reseptors while an SD card has 9. Any tips?


Same failure with different cards could indicate the camera.  Maybe try canned air and also cleaning the cards contacts with a Qtip and very very small amount of alcohol.  You might be able to look inside the slot with a very bright light, but it's gong to be difficult.  If you used something other than the camera to format the cards, you might try using the camera instead, but if the camera won't read and/or allow you to format, a trip to Canon should be the next step.   

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