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M50 Recently Stopped Connecting via USB


I have been using my EOS M50 for streaming via the Webcam Utility and OBS for a few months. I streamed successfully last Saturday, but last night I could not get the camera to connect to the PC, even after rebooting and trying multiple cables, both of which have worked in the past. I don't have reason to think the USB port underwent any undue stress.


I've read through a few USB connection issue threads on this site, so let me assure you the cables are the right kind, there's no card in the camera, wi-fi / bluetooth are off, and I've tried plugging it in before turning the camera on.


I'm very disappointed and hope I can get my face-cam back. Robot Sad



Camera is working after sending it in. Invoice says they replaced the whole PCB assembly. Total cost ~$31 for shipping (w/ insurance).

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There is no "usb mode" just because you plug it in to a computer with a usb cable, that's not a "mode".

Speak plainly when replying, you may be a professional, but some of us, obviously, are not.

I'm having similar problems and I'm finding the M50 to be very "buggie".

Here an example:

I plug into my laptop with a usb data cable and as soon as I do, the lcd screen gets a battery and computer icon with a black background.

I saw a video of a guy yesterday that was having similar problems and he gave the camera a whack on its side and it fixeed his issue. I forgot to try that.

OBS doesn't recognize my camera either.

When I connect with an HDMI cable, it works in OBS, but the lcd screen turns completely black. When I click the menu button, the menu shows in OBS, but not on the lcd screen.

On top of the bugs, Canon's website is a nightmare to try and find any answers. It reminds me of the microst website. You click a link in a search engine because you think you found answer to your problems, but it only talks about the issue and gives no solutions. Example of that. I read something about disabling NFC, Bluetooth and WiFi, and that made the camera connect...So I disconnected the camera from my laptop, clicked menu, WiFi disabled, check, Bluetooth disabled, check, NFC...where's NFC? What is NFC? I found someone said it's in WiFi's NOT. I have the M50 Mark 2...I guess there is no NFC...but I couldn't find ANYTHING about NFC on the Canon website.

It's like most websites that have help section, they NEVER update their help files!

I know it's a good camera but in my state of knowledge and all at my level, it would be incredibly helpful if Canon wouldn't be so lazy and not update help files.

I can hear them now: "We have more imoortant things to do..." what good are doing those things if you don't have any customers? Updating your help section should be at the top of your priority list.

I apologize for the rant, but it's all true.

The camera has two communications modes.  It can communicate vis USB, or you can enable wireless mode by pressing a button.


"The right mouse button is your friend."


Camera is working after sending it in. Invoice says they replaced the whole PCB assembly. Total cost ~$31 for shipping (w/ insurance).