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Looking to Upgrade 6D


Hey folks,

I’ve had a few different Canon bodies and some EF L glass because I used to love going out and taking photos casually. Life happened, and the last camera I bought was the 6D back when it was new.

I feel like I missed out so much of the technology changes as I haven’t followed it over the years, but I’m looking to jump back into things. The new R bodies seem pretty technologically advanced with significantly better AF. The RF lenses also seem quite unique, but not enough to want to sell off my EF lenses.

I’d imagine I’d find the new tech pretty fascinating, and have started poking around maybe getting an R6m2 body. I think I’d have a hard time justifying even that, although the kid in me really likes the larger sensor on the R5.

The dilemma is whether I’d be better off getting a smaller mirrorless that I might carry around more vice a full size camera

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