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Locked photos


On my mac my photos started to download in locked position. I checked my sim card and that wasn't locked. I check ,y mac info and thats not locked but when you transfer a photo to shutterfly or my phone they are black. So I have to open my photo and unclick the lock button. I take photos at my boys football and hockey games and it ery frustrating when I have to open 300 photos and save as a copy. I had my mac cleaned and they did a back up and its still doing the same thing. Can you help




What camera? What MacOS? What are you downloading too? Are you using the iCloud Photo Library?

EOD REBEL SL! and I'm downloading to iphotos. Not sure on my mac we bought it in 2015


So you don't have Catalina?

How are you transferring them? VIa the export facility or the share facility?

I'm downloading to the computer from my camera to iphotos. Have done this for years and all of a sudden its been the photos are locked but when you look in preview the lock box is not checked

Again, how are you getting the images *out* of iPhoto/Photos?

I drag and drop my photos into a folder on my mac then I download them to shutterfly. When I right click to share my photos out of iphoto they are locked and show up black

yes I have Catalina

Then you don't have iPhoto, it idoes not run on Catalina. I have used iPhoto, Photos and various MacOS (except Catalina!) for years and have never heard of this.

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