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Lens or Camera first? Lens suggestions?


I am looking to jump into the DSLR market.  I am upgrading from a SX10 IS point and shoot which I use fairly exclusively in manual settings.  I am looking to get into many different types of photography including: landscape, time lapse, star trail, action sports (both indoor and outdoor), and a general goto camera.


I do not work as a professional by any means, nor do I get out every weekend to shoot pictures.  However, in the coming years, I will be doing a lot of traveling (camping, touring other cities, backpacking, etc) so it will get used a lot more heavily.  I am looking to try and keep the whole purchase under 2k.


I have read many posts across the internet on the subject saying one side or the other.  I also have read rumors of new cameras coming out in early 2013.  I have family members that already have canon lenses that I could borrow, I just dont know which ones they exactly have.  Eventually I would be looking to make my own collection though.


Cameras that I have been considering are the 7d,60d, or the t4i.


I like the shooting speed of the 7d and can afford the cost, but will have to settle with the kit lens that comes with it for a while.


I like the 60D because I have heard a lot of good reviews on the image quality and the pictures I have seen of sky photography.  (I know this has a lot to do with the lens as well).


Then the t4i because of it realatively inexpensiveness and I could buy an extra lens or 2.

I would like to keep my sx10 but can trade it in for the loyalty program maybe?


Which lens do you use for the astrophotography?

i purchased a russian 300mm prime - the Zenyt Tair-3S

from St Petersburg, Russia ---- cost me just inside of $200 including about $75 shipping!lol

i just did what a friend of mine who is also in astronomy did


its a great lens - at a great price!

cold-war era 🙂


if you're going to do it.. DO IT


i have the 70-200/2.8Lii and the 16-35/2.8Lii --- this xmas i'll probably get a 24-70ii because i need that focal range for the work i want to do - i'm missing opportunities from time to time..


(if the price dips this xmas like the 70-200 did last year - it dipped to $2k and i got it, see to see it), i'll get it


later on.. "maybe" i'll get into primes - slowly



if you're "not" going to do it.. "meh" --- just get "whatever" lenses


but if you're serious about photography - identify the serious lenses and get them



and figure on getting two bodies


i now shoot with a 1dx and a 7d (17-55 and 10-22 for the 7d -- the 70-200 goes on my 7d also)



yeah, the cost is steep


but, if you want to do this - just do it  ---- make a plan, adjust your lifestyle ("create" an artificial state of economic scarcity) - sacrifice and get the equipment you'll need to do the work/art you want to do


just do it



or not

as to your other question (lens or cams first)..




i started out with a t2i --- then i started getting the lenses


along the way i came into a 7d (sold the t2i to get it)


then a 5d2


but i kept the 5d2 in tip-top condition and the shutter counts to a minimum because i knew i wanted the 1dx


and yeah.. when the 1dx came out, i sold the 5d2, waited for the first firmware update, and got it


only recently have i come into the need for the 24-70 ---- so now its on my list


and yes - i am happy with all of my decisions so far