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Canon 6D Question about focus confirmation for manual focus lenses


I am very interested in the 6D. I own the 5D2 and concerning IQ there won't be much difference. But the loud and shaky shutter of the 5D2, the silent mode of the 6D respectively, lower weight, better ISO and smaller size would make the 6D a better camera. If I could have wished I wanted an even more purist and smaller 6D, no video, wifi and gps, however. 


But I have a QUESTION: Will there be a focus confirmation on the focus points like the red confirmation flash there is with the 5D2? I like to shoot eg. with my small 40mm Voigtlander Ultron manual focus lens (just an excellent lens btw) and therefore highly appreciate this focus confirmation feature. If somebody already knows the answer, this would be very nice, thanks!


I got the impression Canon disadvantages manual focus lenses on their bodies, especially with the 5D3's new autofocus system (which is superb for autofocus lenses). Therefore I wish Canon would offer a reduced to the max fullframe body for manual focus shooters (what is a real passion for a growing number of photographers). Manual focus shooters need interchangeable focusing screens, focus confirmation on the focus point and live view. I guess Canon could be successfull with such a camera: the Canon IQ, especially the colors are excellent, the handling of a Canon is better than other brands, the overall package one gets with Canon is very good. There are so many outstandig MF lenses from Zeiss over Voigtlander to vintage lenses with adapters that are seeking the best FF body. And DSLR's are better than mirrorless cams but need to become smaller to make the size advantage of mirrorless cams irrelevant. 


Thanks for reading, Dave. 



I'm gonna go out on a very short limb and say with confidence, Canon would never make a manual focus only camera. It would be a step in the opposite direction from where cameras are now. It's like video, every camera has video on it now, not that everyone wants or needs it, but not putting it on would give it a disadvantage with competition.

If it didn't cost a lot, why would the majority of people buy an inexpensive camera that won't AF when they could get one that would. If it did cost a lot, why would the majority of people spend a lot of money on a camera that won't AF when they could get one that would.

Maybe if you're Leica or something like that with the clout to pull it off...but Canon? Wouldn't make any sense.

Product Expert
Product Expert

This works with Canon manual focus lenses (I used the (TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II)).  First, you focus the lens.  Next, press the shutter release halfway down to check for focus.  If the lens is focused, you'll hear the AF beep and see the illuminated AF point in the viewfinder.  I can't say if it would work for your Voigtlander Ultron manual focus lens, but I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't.


I hope this helps.

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The Canon 6D arrived today in Switzerland. The focus confirmation shows on the focus point and works well with Zeiss glass. We get the same focus finetuning like we had in the 5D2, what is important to align our Zeiss lenses.  Besides, this is a nicely thought out camera. Smaller than one would expect from the factsheet numbers. The silent shutter mode is great. And there was a Hasselblad / Canon 6D comparison (beautyshooting), where I could not see a difference between the two on one of these big EIZO screens. The 6D is a reasonable camera, no show off factor. Better consider the 6D instead of the 5D3 if you are not a pro. 

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