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Just got the 6D!


So I have the 6D and I've paired it with the 40mm F/2.8 pancake lens and loving every bit of it! 


I do have some quick configuration questions, I come from Pentax, so hopefully these questions make sense.


Live metering on the EV scale, does the 6D support it?


I shoot vertically quite often, and the 6D doesn't seem to auto-rotate the images. I did find automatic rotation in the settings, but when I rotate the camera vertical/horizontal in playback, the photo doesn't change it's orientation (like iPhones/Androids)


Lastly, what button do I press for live-view? I got video mode live, and when I connect my smartphone over wifi I get live view on the photo side, but how do I do it without using the iPhone?


Again, I used Pentax for about 5 years, so trying to make a smooth transition to Canon. 






Everything is in the manual which you can read here:


The Start/Stop button on top of the magnifying glass is used to turn Live View ON/OFF.


No, it will not rotate automatically like a phone. The automatic rotation has 3 configurations: no rotate, rotate on computer only, and rotate on both computer/camera.


You can view metering through the view finder. Or on the back of the LCD via Live View.

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Make sure you are shooting stills with your eye in the viewfinder, and not holding it out in front of your face using live view like a phone camera. You may get away with doing that using a relatively wide angle lens like the 40mm, or in bright sun with a fast shutter, but when you start shooting more telephoto lenses and/or in dimmer light you will end up with blurry shots.

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Regarding auto rotate, I have my cameras set to rotate only on computer. Most people I know eventually end up doing that with their SLRs. If you set it to rotate in the camera as well, all your vertical shot image reviews end up really small due to the screen format. I just find it better and easy to review verticals while holding the camera itself vertical. Doing that the image is as large as possible on the camera's LCD screen. . 


You can do "match needle" metering in the M (Manual) exposure mode, if you wish, using either the scale on the screen on top of the camera, or the one displayed at the bottom of the viewfinder. I agree with previous response, if metering without your eye to the viewfinder, you have to be careful of light entering the eyepiece skewing the metering. You can prevent that just by putting your thumb over the viewfinder while metering... or use the little rubber cover that Canon provides (fits onto your camera strap).


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I think Canon could remove rotate in camera as I know of no one, in my circle anyway, that uses it.

Also you need to realize the 6D is in the prosumer arena of cameras and therefor acts more like a professional camera.

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