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Just bought a T6i, with wireless and NFC, but the 2 Canon apps say it's not compatible?!



You confuse "wireless" and "WiFi". Wireless means that a signal may be passed from one object to another. Although usually by radio signal, it could also be by two guys waving flags.

Since this thread is pretty pointless, I thought I would add the following anecdote. During WWI, JRR Tolkien was a communcations officer in the trenches. They had many means, including semaphore, telephone and carrier pigeon, but generally they just used runners since visiblity was usually poor and phone lines could be tapped.



Any updates to this?   Please tell me there's somehting to download.  I bought the T6i today for WiFi abilities.  According to this thread, the function doesn't exist or is block.  I need to connect it to my computer for genuine editing tools...I've been using the USB cable (none standard Canon cable) with my T1i for years--I'm over it. 


A once loyal customer, let down by Canon.  =(

All Canon cameras can use the standard mini USB cable, the only reason to use the special one is for AV.


You can buy an eye-fi card that will do what you want.


Not sure I'm following both of your questions.

Do you want the camera to connect to a computer via WiFi?  That won't happen as the camera is not DLNA capable.  To connect to a computer you have to use the USB cable (don't forget to disable WiFi on the camera first).  I've not had luck getting my computer to read my SD card as I think it should but I did format the SD card in the camera so that may be the issue with that.

I have a T6i and I've connected to both my Android Phone and tablet and my wifes iPad and iPhone without any problems.  Are you using the right app?  It should be Camera Connect


Camera connect.JPG


There are other Canon apps which may be the issues you are having with compatibility.


Hope this helps


How you edit your images with pad or store huge amount images. Canon add wifi, but disable pc use. This was very stupid and many user star change camera to Nikon.


Sorry, I spoke too soon.  You can view pictues via WiFi as the camera is DLNA enabled.  When you choose WiFi function in the Camera's WiFi menu choose the icon that looks like a computer (DUH!)  choose connect then go into control panel (I use Windows) go to Network and Internet.  Then choose view network computers and devices.  You should see Canon T6i(s) in the media devices section.  Right click on the camera device (mine says Canon EOS Rebel T6i) and select open media player.  You should then see the camera listed.  Double click on the camera and the menu drops down which includes pictures.  Click on the pictures and you can view them there.  Unfortunaly you can't really do much more that viewing pictures.  I'm going to find a better program for DLNA devices to do more stuff.

You're right, theandies. DNLA works to a point. Here is my current discussion with Canon Support. The very last part addresses DNLA.



I just upgraded from a T1 to a T6S. The thing that pushed me over the edge was the wireless capability.
> When I fired up the latest version of the EOS Utility I saw the option to connect via WIFI. So I went shopping and buying the T6 was a no brainer. I love these cameras, plus it has WiFi!
> It never occurred to me that it wouldn't connect via WiFi.If I can connect to a Smartphone or Printer, why not the EOS Utility?
>  Why would you cripple a feature like that? I'm astonished.
> Please Please Canon tell me that you will fix this in a firmware update.


Dear Arthur Thompson,

Thank you for contacting Canon product support regarding your EOS Rebel T6s. I understand you are interested in connecting to your computer via Wi-fi. I am happy to assist you.

I am not exactly sure why your camera did not show up in the product list. It is possible you went to the Professional Imaging Products section instead of the Consumer and Home Office area. I understand how being able to connect your camera to your computer via Wi-fi would be beneficial, but it seems this feature was left out by the product designers.

This is something that I can submit to our engineers for consideration and it could be added in a future firmware update. However, please note that decisions to include a particular camera feature are made by our engineers and product designers in Japan, based on a number of factors. Consumer demand, technological limitations, and customer feedback are all taken in to consideration. I regret any inconvenience this may cause.

I hope this information is helpful to you.  Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Thank you for choosing Canon.


Technical Support Representative



Thank you for your quick response. On the T6, the Camera Connect app almost substitutes for not being able utilize the EU. The app lacks the ability to manually fine tune the focus. Also, some of the autofocus features are not intuitive. Perhaps if there was a manual for the app. I have not found one on the Canon US website. In either case, the app still needs some work. It gets very mixed reviews on Google Play
Still, it's hard to understamd why the designer would make the camera 'connected' so it can transfer pictures to another camera (What kind of conssumer demand is there for that?), print directly to a printer,  but not be able to acess it with EU. People don't spend $1,000 on a DSLR to share snapshots. Phones do that well enough. Only people serious about photography are willing to lug around a bag with 15  lbs of camera in it.
But here's the other 2 things that make no sense:
1. The camera connects to a network in a way as if your engineers invented it for the first time. As if they never connected a device to a network before. You shouldn't need a different "Set" for each function using the same network. Can you think of any other device that works lke that?
2. Connecting to the network in DNLA mode, I can see the pictures in File Manager(Explorer). I can open them in other programs. I can see SD card folders in Digital Photo Professional. But I can't see or open the photos. And of course I can't use the Eos Utility, although there it is, connected just as if through a cable.

I'm sorry, but my former respect for Canon is taking a nosedive. They had to go out of their way to cripple this functionality.

I'm having problems with the NFC connection as you may have seen in the NFC thread.  I agree, it's like these engineers just write code and not do extensive testing to make these connection more robust.  My hope is they are continuing to work on it and come out with an update for the app and firmware update for the camera soon. 

The Camera Access Point Mode works well as does Infrastructure mode.  The app needs a lot of work as you pointed out.  NFC is very inconsistent and needs work. 

Come on Canon, your cameras are great but if you want to make them better as far as wireless communications go hire some good wireless communication engineers and make it robust and user friendly.  Luckily I'm and electronics engineer and very technical so I can tinker and adjust to situations like this.  I cannot fathom someone that is not figure this stuff out.

Canon.  Please vote up this issue.  I agree completely with the people in this thread.  I believe it is a large over sight on the canon development team to not add the camera to computer wifi feature.  Please add this in for the t6i.


Canon please enable file transfer from camera to pc via wifi!

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