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Is there a list somewhere of all Canon models that can stream clean HDMI?


This would be in 2 levels:  One that needs autofocus disabled and the other where it doesn't matter.  This would be for all models, not just currently available models.  Its so hard to get info now online as everyone has become an affiliate marketer and won't show anything that isn't new on Amazon which always has higher prices than Ebay.  Plus there's not much used on Amazon comparatively and what would it matter if they did?  You can't find anything specific because there's no negative filtration.  They've ruined it.  Ebay is still king. 



I provided this link to someone the other day.  It is only a list of cameras that actually have Clean HDMI output.  Disabling AF is an unsupported work around. 

Scroll down the page.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

What makes you think these particular models output clean HDMI?  Here's what it says on that page: 

"The clean HDMI functionality on your compatible EOS camera is typically used in a video scenario to record the image externally for films. Using a separate HDMI capture device (required), you can also use it as a webcam to livestream with your computer."

So they're saying to get clean HDMI you need a "separate HDMI capture device (required)". 

How about we focus on information outside of the hallowed and revered Canon website which seems very shoddily maintained. 

This is really about getting clean HDMI by:
Disabling autofocus (very doable in most situations for webcam use and probably preferable).
Using a camera that really outputs clean HDMI with no "help". 

Canon can't be bothered to be specific about either.  So let's look elsewhere.  Canon makes great hardware but let's face it:  Their software department is lagging.  No problem.  We probably don't even need it.  Possibilities are Magic Lantern, SparkOCam and SplitCam.  There are probably others.  What have you discovered? 

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