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Is the EOS R10 with the RF 100-500 lens a good option?


I have an opportunity to rebuild my kit (wildlife) with a used like new r10 and rf 100-500. Is this a good option? Total will be under 3000$ which is just at my budget limit. Want to make sure I’m making the optimal choice here since this is a lot of money for me.

I had one person suggest I stick to Nikon because their lenses are better. Not sure if that is worth it.





I think you'll be very happy with this combo.  The RF 100-500 is an extraordinary lens.  

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May I ask a few questions to clarify your needs.  I am a (now retired) long-in-the-tooth wildlife photographer myself, and I consider these when pondering a change in gear:
1. what kinds of wildlife you are photographing?  e.g. birds in flight, large mammals, small insects etc.
2. What conditions do you normally shoot in - decent light, poor light, all weathers
3.what do you produce?  images for social media or digital display, small-medium prints, extremely large detailed prints?
3. What are you prepared to carry?  A longer FL is usually associated with more weight.
4. Associated with that, do you shoot hand-held, or on a tripod / from a hide?

I have been shooting with the R-series MILCs for a few years now, and like all of my associates will have my own philosophy and preferences, but I am asking these questions to find out  your specific needs and give advice that is relevant to you.

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"...  r10 and rf 100-500. Is this a good option?"

Yes it is.

"... one person suggest I stick to Nikon because their lenses are better."

This boils down to opinion mostly because both companies make outstanding lenses and both make so-so lenses. As a general thought, however, Canon has the better lens line up. Really no other company has the exhausted inventory of lenes that Canon does. The bottom line is if you buy either companies best lenses you will get top quality results. So it becomes more a mater what fits you personally.

I worked for a huge company for 40 years that was 100% Nikon. I did own some Nikon gear myself.. But I switched to Canon decades ago and have been happy ever since I did and totally satisfied. Canon CS has no peers absolutely the best in the industry.

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Rising Star

"Canon CS has no peers absolutely the best in the industry."

Elaborating a bit on EB's comment about Color Science... Canon has the competition beat by far with skin tones looking most true to life.  And if the skin tones look right without needing color tweaks, you know the other colors are correct as well.


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