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Intervalometer Port


What Canon EOS DSLR and Mirrorless cameras have an input port for an external wired intervalometer?





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Any Canon camera that has a remote shutter release connection can have a remote intervalometer connected. I am not aware of any DSLR/MILC that doesn't have a remote shutter release connection.


Something like this:


Screenshot 2021-07-19 125516.jpg

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Thanks for your repy.  Some of the newer Canon DSLR and mirrorlessi cameras like the Rebel T7i, T8i, M50, and M6 Mark II don't have a remote port.  They use a wireless connection like a smart phone for remote shooting.  I have a wired intervalometer that I use with a Canon 6D and a Canon M5, but I was wondering if there is a list of Canon cameras that have a port for a wired intervalometer.



The T8i includes a wired remote port.  See page 198 of the User Manual.  I suspect the other models you listed will be the same.


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Thanks.  Sorry for my mistake about the Canon T8i, T7i and M6 Mark ii.  They do have a port.  I got my information from a photography website.  I should have checked the Canon owner's manuals.  The M50 doesn't have a port for a wired remote.  For some reason Canon chose not to have one on that model.  Maybe because it is their lowest cost current mirrorless model.