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Images on Memory Card from EOS R6 Not Showing on Mac


I accidentally shot photos on my Canon R6 using a memory card formatted for my old Nikon camera. Now I can see the images on the screen but they are greyed out when I try to import them into Lightroom Classic. When I select the file folder on the memory card, it shows empty. What can I do to access these images?



Have you been able to download other images from other cards into Lr? (i.e. is your Lr up to date?)

If you access the card directly from your operating system do you see images?

Download and try to access card using canon DPP4.

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Are you using a card reader?

Are you copying the files from the memory card to your computer?  

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I have not owned any Nikon products for nearly 20 years.   About the only thing these 2 devices might share is common formatting, but the file systems are different.

I'd try a card reader as others have asked or suggested.  At this point, you are in a file recovery scenario.  Card formatted and expecting .NEF, .NRW but instead got .CR3.  You might be looking at a re-shoot.

This is an unfortunate mishap.  We hope you'll have a positive result.

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If your mac has a card reader, then I suggest:

1. move the switch on the card to write protect

2. insert the card in the card reader on the mac

3. start terminal

4. In terminal type "mkdir name" where name is a directory name you can remember with no spaces in the name.

5. In terminal type "cd name" where name is the name from step 4 and also open a "finder" window that shows this new directory that you made.

6. In terminal type "ls -al /Volumes" and look for one in the list that might be the memory card. If formatted in a recent Canon camera, it would be EOS_DIGITAL, but I do not know what it would be for a Nikon. If EOS_DIGITAL exists, then that is where the photos made with the Canon camera will be.

7. Try "cp -i -pX /Volumes/EOS_DIGITAL/DCIM/100CANON/* ." This will work if the Canon camera put the photos in the usual place. If they show up in the "finder" window, then you are done and may import them from this directory. Else, try exploring the memory card with "finder", or try "cp -i -pX /Volumes/*/DCIM/*/* ." in your terminal window.

I hope some of this might help. Good Luck.


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"grayed out"

In "finder" on the mac, the Canon CR3 files will not show up grayed out, but they might in other programs that do not know how to handle them. Ctrl-click on a CR3 file in finder and select open with, other, The free Canon DPP program can also process these CR3 files and save them as a 16 bit TIFF for further editing in another program.