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IR on 200D


I have a FOLDIO360 (Plate to 360 pics). it sends a IR signal when the cam should take a pic. But the 200D does not have a IR. Is there any way to get Canon 200D to take a picure by the Foldio360 IR signal? 



Hello Dan30707077!


Thanks for reaching out to Canon USA!


The 200D is known as the EOS Rebel SL2 here in the USA, and because it has built-in Bluetooth and WiFi, it does not offer IR, or infrared capabilities. It is able to be controlled wirelessly by either Blutooth or WiFi, or by a wired shutter release cable. 


Because Canon USA does not support your third party device, you might want to contact the manufacturer of the FOLDIO360 to determine if it can take advantage of controlling the camera via Bluetooth. 

What about the 77D does it offer IR? Is it simular to 200D just a bit better?

Hi there!


The EOS 77D does support IR! The Rebel SL2 (200D) is designed to be a compact, entry-level SLR camera. The EOS 77D is considered an advanced amateur camera. It has a much more sophisticated focusnig system, and because it's more advanced it also contains Bluetooth, WiFI, and IR connectivity! 


If you're wanting to get involved with photography, learn the basics, and then grow, the EOS 77D is the perfect camera! 


You can compare the two on the Canon USA eStore HERE

How do you activate the IR port on the Canon 800D?

Set the 10 second timer mode:



How do i set the camera up so i by using wifi transfer files to my Synology NAS?


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