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How to save photos/films on SD Card while using EOS!


Hello there,

THis is the 1st time I'm using my Rebel T6i plugged in my macbook - via USB and using EOS 3 software, but I've stumbled upon a thing that, for me, is an issue: photos and films are automatically save ONLY on the macbook hard drive, and NOT also on the SD Card. I can't take a risk like this, I'd love to be able to get the SD Card to record/store everything (and maybe, set the computer AND the SD-Card to both save the footage).

Any hints?
Thanks a lot, in advance.


Canon T6i Rebel
Macbook Pro OSX 10.13.3



You don't need to re save them to your SD card unless you want to do it after editing them. Just don't delete them as (or after) they are copied to your computer. That said saving them on your SD card long term is not a good plan. SEE

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