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How to connect canon eos 600d with godox X2T?


Hey everyone,

I’m trying to use a Godox TT600 with my eos 600d with the help of a Godox X2T (c) trigger. After having watched a lot of youtube videos and read too many articles about this topic whithout any success, I’m hoping that someone here in the forum might be able to help me out…

For whatever reason the camera doesn’t seem to talk to the trigger. If I put the flash directly on the camera it works … but if I remove it and try to control it with the trigger it does nothing 😞

The channels on the trigger and the flash are the same and I already figured out that I can’t use the live-view for this set up…. but that doesn’t seem to do the trick. I guess there is something wrong in my settings - did anyone work with the same setup already and could give me a hint on what she / he uses as a setting?

Thanks in advance and happy weekend!





Have you fixed your issue yet? If not, is it possible for you to turn your trigger and flash on and take an image of the LCD screens on each? From those, it should be fairly simple to see what is wrong and guide you in the right direction (hopefully). Just to start out.... is the camera showing the wireless symbol and ETTL (rather than Multi)? If you want to shoot at shutter speeds over your flash sync speed then you also need HSS (high speed sync) turned on.


Try mounting the trigger and turning it on before you turn on the camera.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


2 other things to note:
The flash should be turned on before the trigger. The flash should be placed at least 1m from the trigger or it might not work. I remember seeing a YouTuber demonstrating the second point. If the flash was too close to the trigger, it would not fire. He moved it to about 1m away and it fired straight away. I have actually shot with my trigger quite close to my V860ii and V1 flashes without issue, but assume you need at least a 1m distance between the 2.


First off on the 600D, make sure flash is enabled and not turned off. 

Then, make sure the X2T-C is pushed full forward into the camera hotshoe so that all five pins on the foot are touching the five contacts on the camera hotshoe. 

Make sure the TT600 and X2T-C are set to the same channel. Make sure that C.Fn ID (in the menus on the X2T) is set to OFF (the TT600 can't use ID codes, and if the ID settings on Tx and Rx don't match, they won't talk to each other).  If the TT600 is within 1m of the X2T, make sure that the DIST function on the X2T-C is set to 0-30m, not 1-100m. 

Now, make sure the TT600 is in radio slave mode (not S1 or S2 optical slave modes).  Hold down the Mode button for 2 seconds, until the antenna icon flashes. Turn the dial until it says "S" (slave). Now how down GR/CH for 2s until CH flashes, and then set the channel the same way. Then assign a group to the TT600 by pressing the GR button.

On the X2T-C, set the group you just assigned to the TT600 to fire.  The TEST button on the X2T should now fire the flash. And (hopefully) using the shutter button on the 600D should also fire the flash.

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