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How do I trun the Histogram off?


Visited the camera shop over this past weekend. The person helping me turned the Histogram on so after a shot is taken, this is displayed. How do I turn this setting off to display the shot I have just taken? The manual is no help in solving this problem.





Press play to see the photo/histogram, then the info button to cycle through the options.

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And did they also tell you how to find some good manners to show to total strangers who were only trying to help you?

At the bottom, below the wheel on the back is a triangle. That is to view your last shot. View your last shot with this button then press "DISP" to cycle through the various photo analysis (histograms).


I understand your frustration. That has happened to me a couple of times and I've had to go through the whole remember what button to hit to turn it off. Also, as I recall, the T3 has the "DISP" button right where your thumb rests while holding the camera.


Good luck.

I was not rude at all, merely explaining what is accurate. Registered two days & you're already throwing a tantrum. lol

Thanks for the info. Worked well. Happy New Year.

I have a Canon Powershot ELP 110 HP. Had it for years. I was trying to turn off the HIsogram and this is what worked for me. 

Turn on camera 

Click the arrow button to play your pictures.

Click on Disp

Click on Disp again 

This will show you the whole image on the screen. 

Then to test it, 

Turn off Camera 

Turn of Camera 

Go to Play and it should have retained your setting. 



Natalie Nave 

jinxz007girl, I have a T7 and found your instructions are right on. Manual doesn't have this info. Many thanks!

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Thank you Tricia1! I had the same issue and that was a quick and easy fix. 🙂 

Easily found on page 70 of your manual



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Conway, NH

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Clear the camera setting. I’ve been trying to clear for a couple of weeks now. Finally fixed. No more histogram continuously on the display.