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How do I take a picture of stars with Canon Rebel t6 with 50mm lens?


I recently purchased a Rebel T6 with two different lenses 18-55mm and 50mm and I want to take pictures of the sky at night, I am a beginner and I have not figure out how to take the pictures.  Please someone share tips with me. 


@graciela11 wrote:

I live in Nashville. I am going out there tonight and try again, hopefully this time I get something.

Do a web search for "Dark Sky Finder" for a great app to help you find prime star gazing locations.  I think you may be a little surprised at where Nashville, TN ranks on the light pollution scale.  Do a web search for " Deep Sky Stacker ", for image processing software.  Do a web search for " Stellarium " for digital planetarium software, which will help you locate objects in the night skies.


I would suggest using the wide end of your lens, 18mm, and take a wide field shot of the night sky.  The best finished photos of the night sky do not start out looking anything like nice finished photos of the night sky.  This is where image stacking comes into play, which reduces noise and brings out details.


[EDIT]  Try doing a search in these forums for " astrophotography " for tips on shooting the night sky.

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Here is my T6 with an 18-55 kit lens and LR processing. Not terrible, but as a beginner there is certainly room for improvement. If I recall correctly this was a 45 second exposure @ 1600 ISO using a hinge tracker. Good Luck. IMG_0661.jpg